Making Money With Amazon Kindle Books

Are you an author or an article writer who is looking to expand your horizons? Do you want to explore other avenues of making money? If so, checkout the Amazon Kindle. By visiting, you will see just how popular this product is and how it has the potential to make you money.

Question: What is the Amazon Kindle?

Answer: The Amazon Kindle is an electronic book reader, also known as an e-book reader. Weighing in at just over 10 ounces, this small handled device is a simple, modern, and easy way to read books on the go. Unlike many devices, no computer or cables are needed. Amazon Kindles are equipped with Whispernet technology, allowing readers to purchase and upload compatible books from anywhere.

Question: How do I make money with the Amazon Kindle?

Answer: As an author or article writer, you have the unique opportunity to profit from this popular device with the use of your talent. Amazon allows authors to self-publish their books. This is done in a special electronic e-book format. Kindle owners can purchase your book and download it to their device. Each time this is done, you make money!

Question: Does it cost money to sell Kindle books on

Answer: No. It is free to list a self-published e-book on You are, in a way, charged when a sale is made. handles the sale of the book and pays you a preset royalty fee for each sale.

Question: How do I get started?

Answer: The first step in profiting from the sale of Amazon Kindle books is to write them. There are thousands of books available for sale. To increase your chances of sales, browse the selection of titles. Of course, you can write e-books on similar topics, but unique subjects and genres should return the biggest profits.

Once you decide you want to sell an e-Book for Amazon Kindle, you start writing. Whether you want to write a poetry book, a how-to book, fiction, or non-fiction, you can do so!

Question: Is it hard to make money with Amazon Kindle Books?

Answer: It depends. As previously stated, there are thousands of books available for sale and download. Increase your chances of making a profit by creating a catchy cover for your digital book, properly summarizing it, and by setting a fair price. As previously stated, books with unique themes or storylines are likely to do better, as there is less competition.

Question: I wrote a book for Amazon Kindle, now how do I sell it?

Answer: Visit If you already have an account, log-in. If not, create a free account. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a ìSelf-Publish with Us,î link at the very bottom. Click on this link and go to the ìGet Started,î section on Amazon Kindle. Follow the step-by-step guide. This includes entering in product information, uploading your media, and setting your price.

Question: Is it easy to upload media to

Answer: Yes. Just follow their step-by-step guide. This allows your e-book to be converted into digital text. It is the platform used to enable electronic reading on the Amazon Kindle device. According to Amazonís website, it supports HTML, Microsoft Word, plain text, and Adobe PDF formats.

Question: How long the entire process take?

Answer: It depends. You need to take into account the time it takes to write and edit your book. Once this process is done, it only takes a few minutes to start the upload process. Within 12 hours, on average, your Amazon Kindle book should be available on for sale.

Question: How much money can I make?

Answer: It depends. You set your own list price for your Amazon Kindle book. Amazon takes a percentage of your selling price. In fact, they pay you a 35% royalty fee for each sale. How much money you make depends on your list price and how many books you sell.