Are You Ready To Self-Publish? We Can Help!

It’s hard to believe that it has been nearly 10 years since I published my first Kindle book on Amazon. In that period of time I’ve sold thousands of copies. In fact, the last time I checked I had earned royalties totaling over $13,000 in ebooks and paperback books, all without any extra work at all after I published and promoted them in early 2012.

I know that’s not much money … but when you consider that I never touched the products again, and they still sell regularly, I think that’s pretty amazing.

But I wished I had had a site like this back then to share insider tips and helpful common-sense advice on the best and quickest ways to make it in self-publishing…. which is what we’ll be building here at!

I’ve ripped up my articles and books on the subject and I’ll be sharing the works I used to sell for free with you here, plus links and free downloads to get you to that happy place of profitable self-published author quicker than you’d ever dream possible!

I want to point something out as well: Nowadays it’s not so much as writing an ebook; it’s about “creating” an ebook…. “crafting” an ebook, if you will. So many things have changed even since I started, but this website will focus in on the simple ways you can build a profitable collection of titles that sell day after day, month after month, year after year online.

So let’s get started!

Your partner in digital profits,